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Hurricane Relief


Several agencies of the Church of God are responding to the unprecedented and catastrophic floods in southeast Texas. As you know, thousands have lost everything and are surviving in shelters. While there are options for sending support (all of them doing incredible work!), our Church of God Regional Bishop of Texas has provided an avenue to get funds directly to "boots on the ground".

You can give directly by clicking on this online donation form

Thank you in advance for your contribution in helping many people devasted by this storm.



To give donations toward the relief effort for those affected by Hurricane Irma, please click on this link:



Hurricane Maria left the island of Puerto Rico almost entirely without power. Many people are still without, and experts have predicted it could take months to completely restore it.

If you choose to give, 100% of your donations will go to relief efforts in Puerto Rico and other storm damaged islands. Visit or call 1.800.535.9343.